How to use the Zoom plugin

How to open Zoom from oVice? 🤔

  1. Enable the Zoom plugin by going to the Plugins setting page and clicking on “Add”.
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      When you go to the object management board from the Space setting page, make sure that everyone can use the Zoom object.
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  1. When you activate the Zoom object, Zoom will launch in a separate tab as shown below.
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  1. After the Zoom tab is launched, please return to the oVice tab and the Zoom URL will appear.
      • ⚠️ When the Zoom object is activated, your microphone will be muted and others’ sounds will be muted. (* You can only hear the emoji reaction sound and the sound of the Youtube object.)
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      • The Zoom URL is available as long as the person who launched the Zoom object does not close the object.

      How to participate in a Zoom meeting? 🤔

      • Join the Zoom object by clicking on it
      • Copy the URL link on the oVice side to the participants
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Launch Zoom!

Participate in Zoom meetings within oVice 🙌

The screen on the left launches the Zoom object, and the screen on the right participates in the Zoom object.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people can use it?

A. It can be used by up to 300 people.

Q. Can I launch multiple Zoom objects in one space?

A. Yes, it is possible.