Beginners Guide

Update Profile

Customize your user profile name, photo, emoji, language, etc. to let your personality shine!
  1. Click on your avatar.
  1. Click on your avatar and select the pencil/edit icon.
  1. Choose a picture to set and add an emoji badge for your profile.
  1. Edit your name, set the language, and add a description. (Others can view a description by clicking/hovering over your avatar)
  1. Click on ”Save” and you will receive a confirmation popup ✅
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Edit Camera amd Audio Settings

Choose your audio and video sources to ensure your input and output are configured properly for voice and video chats!
  1. Toggle to Camera and Audio
  1. Select preferred camera, and optional background adjustment
  1. Select preferred audio in/out settings and default volume
  1. Click on ”Save” and you will receive a confirmation popup ✅
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Using the Top Toolbar Menu

The User List, Schedule, Chat, and Away buttons are all located at the top right of your workspace window for quick access.
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User List

See users and their current status at a glance: instantly view who on your team is active in the space, who is away from their desk, and who is offline. Search by name to find the current status of a specific user.
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Meeting Room Schedule

Reserve time in a meeting room by adding it to the workspace schedule.
Only admins and members can add schedules.
  1. Click on the calendar icon in the top toolbar menu. You can view any existing/pending reservations by room from the drop-down menu to see availability; the system will not allow double-booking a room if there is a conflict.
  1. Click the ‘ + ‘ button to create a new reservation.
  1. Choose the room you want to reserve (make sure it’s an appropriate size to accommodate your attendees), and add the reservation details, and click Save
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4. Once created, you can edit, delete, or share your meeting. Click on the Copy icon to send the schedule reservation link to your meeting attendees.
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If your invitee is a guest, they can only enter within the scheduled time period. If they leave the room, they will be redirected to the lobby page.


Post chats for the entire workspace, or direct message using @ mentions to anyone active in the space.
  1. Click on the chat bubble icon to send a message (keyboard shortcut: Enter)
  1. Type your message and click on the paper plane to send (Keyboard shortcut: cmd/ctrl+Enter)
  1. Send a private message by tagging '@' + username. (Select multiple avatars at once by click-and-dragging on the workspace for an automatic tag)
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Set Yourself 'Away from Your Desk'

Just taking a quick break? Use our handy ‘Away’ feature to let your team know you’ve stepped away, but will be back soon.
  1. Click on the coffee cup icon from the top toolbar menu.
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2. Add a comment (optional) if you want to give your teammates some context, or let them know when you plan to return. Click ‘Set your away message’ to post your comment.
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3. Active users will see your avatar at the bottom of the screen (hovering over it displays a comment if added)
  1. When you return, just click on ‘I’m back from break’ to return to the workspace.

+ Tools Sub-Menu

Click the + icon to reveal the user object and plugin options available in your space (please note, all options shown here may not be enabled in your workspace - check with your space administrator for availability).
Use objects as you interact in the space to optimize audio and video chats with other users, and share content easily.
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Show Menu Bar Toggle

If you prefer a cleaner workspace, you may toggle off the always-on menu bar.

Map View

Get a bird’s eye view of your space by clicking the Map icon. Quickly locate a meeting room (like the example below) or move to a far-away area of your space by double-clicking on the full map.
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See how to share your screen in our basics guide.

Meeting Camera

  1. Open the + tools sub-menu and click on Meeting camera. An icon will appear for others to connect to and view each other’s cameras.
  1. Adjust the range (how far your camera can broadcast out to other connected users) by selecting the range from the drop-down menu.
  1. Activate your own camera by clicking on the red video camera icon that will appear next to the microphone.
  1. Click the camera to turn off the Meeting Camera object.
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3. Users must link to the Meeting camera object by clicking on it to share their cameras together.
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Have a shared watching experience with YouTube links!
  1. Open the + tools sub-menu and click on Youtube.
  1. Move the window if needed by dragging it.
  1. Copy and paste a YouTube video link and hit Play.
  1. Close the window to exit.
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  1. Open the bottom menu and click on Editor.
2. Start typing and the content will be automatically shared with other viewers.
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Audio Stabilizer

  1. Open the + toolbar sub-menu and click on Audio Stabilizer.
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2. Users must link to the Speaker object by clicking on it to speak comfortably.
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  • Open the + toolbar sub-menu and click the megaphone icon to make an announcement or start broadcasting. (Does not apply to private rooms and Away users)
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  • Stop broadcasting by clicking on the megaphone icon.

Embedded Content

  1. Open the bottom menu and click on embedded content.
  1. Copy and paste a URL and hit load.
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Subcanvas Features

In oVice, we call a block that appears when you activate an object "Sub canvas".


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Block linkage for other users

For more voice restrictions, the object owner can decide whether to enable or prevent other users from linking to the object by clicking the share icon.
  • The share button is green: if a user joins the object, their voice will be transmitted to all users without the affection of distance (transmitted based on the object affection area a.k.a reachable range).
  • The share button is yellow: If the object owner blocks the join of the object, other users can still speak but the volume of their voice will be transmitted based on the distance of their avatar but not the distance of the object affection area a.k.a reachable range).
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Reachable Range

Click the "x1" icon and modify the display view of your object depending on the number of people you want to reach, or the size of the area/zone from x1 to x64.
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Only admins and members have the authority to use this feature. Visitors can change the range from x0.5 to x2

Join/leave Button

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Uncover more features!
Now that you have covered the beginner basics, let's take it to the next level and discover more useful functions at oVice Masters!